Nomination Portal

An online tool to manage the nomination of speakers and/or advisors while ensuring medical compliance and standard criteria

Profile History

Track NP approval flow with username and time stamp


View and sort nominated speakers by name, location, status, and approval date

Thorough Reports

Download .xls files showing speakers in various nomination stages

Easy Access

with secure username and password

Nomination Portal Online Tool

Centralize and streamline your nomination process in an easy-to-use and compliant platform!

Manage the nomination of speakers and/or advisors to ensure compliance and standard criteria

NominationPortal is a centralized platform for Sales, Medical, and Marketing teams to nominate and approve speakers and advisors for upcoming programs. Clients have easy access to the portal in order to manage and oversee all aspects of the nomination process, and much more:

Improve operational efficiency by streamlining the nomination process and eliminating spreadsheets

Standardize required fields to improve compliance in areas such as nomination criteria, annual OIG checks, and up-to-date CVs

Automatically generate email communications to the appropriate team (RD, MS, SRD, Marketing, Business Conduct) once a nominee is approved

Around-the-clock access to speakers’/ advisors’ progress in the nomination system, with full transparency and accountability

Enable users to add commentary to any nomination, which is made visible to all parties

Ability to forward messages to Business Conduct when there are questions about a nominee