Speaker Resource Center

An online HCP portal for interactive speaker training certification, access to slides, peer review resources, a speaker network, and implementation of HCP speaker communication plans

"I love that I only need to remember one username and password now for multiple sites."

"I like that I can update my own profile information."

"It’s great that I can see other speakers and contact them if I want to."

"I love the calendar feature! It will be so great to be able to click and add these to my personal calendars."

Speaker Resource Management Technology

State-of-the-art technology partnered with exceptional customer service to support our clients and their speakers

Connect With Speakers and Broaden Training Capabilities

SpeakerResourceCenter is a customizable platform that seamlessly integrates all speaker activities and management onto a branded, centralized portal, enabling speakers to access slide presentations, complete online training, view upcoming programs, and much more:

Enable speakers to access information and prepare for presentations “any time, any place, on any device”

Manage Speaker Bureau communication by sharing relevant publications, materials, and links (includes email blast functionality)

Create a single “Speaker Central” sourcewith speaker photos, CVs, recent publications, etc, as well as customized search facets to support Field and Marketing

Cost effectively deliver online speaker training while easing the burden on the MS to field train

Customize training available to speakers through robust permission-based access, monitoring, and prerequisite controls

Track payments, expenses, meetings attended, and honoraria for compliance purposes

Improve operational efficiency by creating online speaker nomination and eCDA processes

Create a streamlined user experience with secure login and easy-to-use navigation

Facilitate speaker-to-speaker connection

Link upcoming speaker programs to profile and feed data from/to third-party sites and/or internal sites

Populate speakers’ calendarswith upcoming speaking engagements